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About Us

Repurposing: a sustainable future for our cities.

A Shell....and a Vision

  • "Architecture is an art of transformation", remarked renowned architect Paul Chemetov in 2023: "It is not only the art of creating beautiful ruins in the future, to quote Auguste Perret. In short, 'Conserv, transform, adapt'."
  • There are more than 80 abandoned high-rise buildings in Kompong Som (Sihanoukville).
  • Connexion is the first large-scale repurposing project in Cambodia.
  • Singapore and Korea are very much involved in repurposing older buildings. For instance, see Former Ford Factory.
  • We're partnering with T3 Architects agency. Below on-site in January 2023, Peung Sreyleap, Dominique Desmet and Phuong Borommony, T3 Architects.

Connexion At Night

Following the opening of the new Koh Pich- Koh Nora bridge in Phnom Penh

The Former Ford Factory, Singapore