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About Us

Repurposing: a sustainable future for our cities.

A Shell....and a Vision

  • "Architecture is an art of transformation", remarked renowned architect Paul Chemetov in 2023: "It is not only the art of creating beautiful ruins in the future, to quote Auguste Perret. In short, 'Conserv, transform, adapt'."
  • There are more than 80 abandoned high-rise buildings in Kompong Som (Sihanoukville).
  • Connexion is the first large-scale repurposing project in Cambodia.
  • Singapore and Korea are very much involved in repurposing older buildings. For instance, see Former Ford Factory.
  • We're partnering with T3 Architects agency. Below: 1) on-site in January 2023, Peung Sreyleap, Dominique Desmet and Phuong Borommony, T3 Architects. 2) poured concrete structures for basins.

Connexion, January 2024

Connexion At Night

Following the opening of the new Koh Pich- Koh Nora bridge in Phnom Penh

The Former Ford Factory, Singapore